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Computer sound issues

Hello! Logitech X-230 speakers are available. There are so many basses that it makes you sick. Installed Nahimic 2, removed the bass in the equalizer and it became much better. But the only problem remained that being in the browser, the sound is not processed in any way. Everything is ok in games, players and other programs, but the sound in the browser is untreated and produces tons of bass. I can’t understand what to do. Please tell me!

The results of the evening after all the comments: I use the Vivaldi browser, in other browsers all the rules. Some time passed in other browsers terrible bass, and in Vivaldi already normal. Either the drivers become crooked, you need to reinstall everything by audio, or the speakers really suck, whatever you tweak the settings, the sound leaks out without considering the settings.

Thanks to all!

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