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Volume Controller

Control audio volume in your browser. Set individual volume level for tabs with audio. Get your audio rocking by our volume booster.
Volume Controller extension helps you to set a desired speaker volume level for each individual tab in your browser.

Websites are just bursting with media content such as videos, music, streams, audio and video ads.

Volume Controller
Volume Controller

To take control over all that audio you need a power volume adjust tool with the ability to set individual volume settings for each tab.

To solve that task we developed our audio volume control extension.

We made as simple and lite interface of our audio volume control switch as it just possible with keeping all of its power in a light design.

A light and stylish window with a volume switch with a list of tabs that a currently playing audio content.

You can separately change volume for each individual tab, so you will never get that sound mix that we all hate and control audio volume to your desire.
It’s not just a volume switch, it works also as a volume booster. You can raise audio volume control switch to a 600% setting.

This will just blast volume on those quiet videos!
Try our volume app. You will love how simple and powerful it is.

Use it on your favorite websites that are filled to the max with audio and video content, such as:
Twitter™, Vimeo™, YouTube™, Facebook™, Spotify™ and others!
Our sound volume control changer extension also remembers your previous settings for your convenience.
Try it and you will love Volume Controller!

Volume Controller for Chrome